SIOP Europe Psychosocial Working Group


Currently, there is a lack of adequate, evidence-based psychosocial care in many hospitals across Europe, as well as great variability and inequality in care. Experience has shown that health systems do not foresee the kind of psychosocial care which is needed in paediatric oncology to make sure that patients and their families get the support they need. Although there are regional and national working groups of psychosocial healthcare professionals from the paediatric cancer field in several European countries, a coordinated and collaborative initiative is needed to work on overarching topics such as health policy, improved research and better care.

The SIOP Europe Psychosocial Working group aims to address those policies and structural frameworks needed to implement evidence-based psychosocial standards of care across Europe, and to foster and build interdisciplinary collaboration and active networking with all stakeholders. Some of the initial objectives of the Working Group are to work on the development and/or translation and dissemination of practical clinical tools to support implementation, to establish specialist training and to raise awareness.

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