General Assembly

The General Assembly is the supreme governing body of SIOP Europe and provides the ideal occasion where all members can really be part of our Society.  It unites all SIOP Europe Members and meets at least once a year to discuss activities and strategy, to analyse the latest achievements and plan the priorities for the coming year.


During the General Assembly, SIOP Europe Board members and the office team:

  • Provide updates on various activities;
  • Report on the scientific and political developments that affect the paediatric oncology community;
  • Engage with the members to exchange views and encourage debate to identify areas of interest and ideas for future development of the organisation;
  • Discuss with the members practical next steps and priorities.


The SIOP Europe General Assembly 2019 took place in Prague, Czech Republic (22 May 2019);

The SIOP Europe General Assembly 2018 took place in Brussels, Belgium (26 September 2018);

The SIOP Europe General Assembly 2017 took place in Brussels, Belgium (29 June 2017);

The SIOP Europe General Assembly 2016 took place during the SIOP Congress in Dublin, Ireland (19-22 Oct 2016);

The SIOP Europe General Assembly 2015 took place during the European Cancer Congress in Vienna, Austria (25-29 Sep 2015):

The SIOP Europe General Assembly 2014 took place during the SIOP Congress in Toronto, Canada, on Thursday, 23rd October 2014:


The SIOP Europe General Assembly 2013 took place during the European Cancer Congress in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, on Sunday 29 September 2013: Agenda of the SIOP Europe General Assembly 2013

The SIOP Europe General Assembly 2012 took place during the SIOP Congress in London, UK, on Sunday 7 October 2012: Agenda of the SIOP Europe General Assembly 2012

The SIOP Europe General Assembly 2011 took place during the European Cancer Congress in Stockholm, Sweden, on Sunday 25 September 2011: Agenda of the SIOP Europe General Assembly 2011

[Minutes and agendas of previous SIOP Europe General Assemblies can be requested by e-mail:]