SIOP Europe is a non-profit association and our activities are mostly funded from EU projects and foundations. 

The challenges are big but our aspirations are even bigger. With your help, we can beat childhood cancer!


Why donate?

One would expect that it should be “children first” but sadly too often it is “children last”. There are serious inequalities in access to the best available care and expertise across Europe. Too many young lives are lost to the disease.

It is a reality that cancer remains Europe’s leading cause of death by disease in children aged over one. See the following facts and figures about childhood cancer:

  • Every 15 minutes in Europe, parents receive the devastating news that their child has cancer. Over 6,000 children and young people are dying from childhood cancer every year in Europe. This compares to as many as 200 school buses.
  • There are 35,000 new cases of childhood cancer in Europe each year. To put this figure in perspective, it amounts to a football stadium at full capacity.
  • There will be 500,000 long-term survivors of childhood cancer in Europe by 2025. This compares to the population of Antwerp (Belgium), Lyon (France), Lisbon (Portugal).

SIOPE's mission is therefore to ensure the best possible care and outcome for all children and adolescents with cancer in Europe.  The SIOPE Strategic Plan, 'A European Cancer Plan for Children and Adolescents' aims to increase the cure rate and the quality of long term survival of children and young people with cancer by 2025.


How to donate?

There are lots of different ways to donate and support SIOPE's work

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Donate via bank transfer

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Set up a regular monthly donation

Contact your bank to set up a direct debit transfer to SIOPE every month. 

Here are our bank details:

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Shop online via Trooper

Did you know that you can also support SIOP Europe for free when you shop via the Trooper page!

By shopping online on Trooper (links to your favourite webshops), a percentage of of every purchase you make will go towards SIOP Europe at no extra cost to you.


Benefit a good cause in your Will

You can include SIOP Europe in your Will to benefit a good cause and leave a positive legacy.

One of the most important legal documents you'll ever make is your Will.  To enable individuals who are interested in leaving a gift in an easy way, SIOP Europe has partnerned with

For further information and guidance, please contact us:

We will then connect you with our partners at who will be able to assist you with legal advice related to your Will and the steps for leaving a positive legacy towards SIOP Europe.



Thank you for your support

Thanks to your support, we have already achieved a lot in the last 20 years but there’s still much work that has to be done.  Through your generous donation, we will be able to keep funding our multiple projects and initiatives, with the ultimate aim of creating a brighter future for children and adolescents with cancer. 

Your support and donation will contribute in reaching the objectives identified in the SIOPE Strategic Plan, which includes research, innovative treatments, equal access across Europe, quality of survivorship and much more.

For more information or queries, please do not hesitate to reach out:


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