Liesa Weiler

Dr. Liesa J. Weiler-Wichtl is a Clinical and Health Psychologist, specialised in the field of paediatric psycho-oncology and child-, adolescent- and family psychology. She has been working at the Paediatric Neuro-Oncology Unit of the Comprehensive Center for Paediatrics of the Medical University of Vienna since 2010, in the field of inpatient psychosocial care. Together with Ulrike Leiss, she is Co-Lead of the COPEGroup. As a psychologist but also as a researcher, her main research interest concentrates on health literacy, communication, PPIE, implementation of guidelines and development of standardised psychosocial tools and assessment. All her activities are motivated by the principle of Empowering children in health literacy - focusing on mental health by bridging the gap between research and health care.

"It takes a common understanding of standards in psychosocial care and research to overcome inequalities and make them both self-evident."