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Young SIOPE is a forum for young members of the European paediatric oncology community and intends to foster a closer community and facilitate involvement of SIOPE’s youngest members in research, development and education. The group’s overarching aims are to facilitate involvement and exchange in clinical, research, and educational activities as well as to become a driving force and platform for new ideas in the field of paediatric oncology. The group believes that SIOPE’s board and members will benefit from the diversity of backgrounds and out-of-the-box thinking approach of the Young SIOPE members, while the Young SIOPE members in turn will benefit from the support in their development. Please read about ongoing projects on this webpage, feel free to join, take initiative or sign up for our newsletter to stay updated. 

On behalf of our steering committee,

Maria Otth (Chair - Switzerland), Roelof van Ewijk (Netherlands), Teresa de Rojas (Spain), Reineke Schoot (Netherlands), Daniela di Carlo (Italy), Malgorzata Krawczyk (Poland), Emma Seaford (UK) and Vasiliki Tzotzola (Greece). 

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Early Career Clinical Trial Group Involvement (ECCTGI) Mentorship Programme

We are pleased to officially launch the Early Career Clinical Trial Group Involvement (ECCTGI) Mentorship Programme; an opportunity for young doctors like you to become engaged in a project for at least 3-5 years (but ideally for an indeterminate future) during which you will be supported and educated by paediatric oncology experts.

As member of Young SIOPE, you can apply to become a mentee by uploading your profile to ourREDCap online system including your personal and contact details, scientific and clinical background, curriculum vitae, letter of reference from your academic supervisor, ECTG of interest, and an application letter.

Several European Clinical Trial Groups have appointed a liaison or are in the process to do so to coordinate matching with a mentor in the respective group:. European Retinoblastoma Group, Brain Tumour Group, European Inter-Group for Childhood Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma, and European Hodgkin’s Consortium, European Working Group for Myelodysplastic Syndrome, SIOPEN (Neuroblastoma), ExPERT (very rare paediatric tumours), Germ Cell Tumour Group, SIOPEL (Liver Tumours), SIOP-RTSG (renal tumours), European Soft Tissue Sarcoma Group, ECHO (histiocytoses). More hopefully to follow. Our aim is to initially establish two mentee-mentor pairs per ECTG. Becoming a mentee in this programme will require commitment: you will define a project to work on together with your mentor (for details please see the attached ECCTGI project outline) and are required to answer to regular evaluations that will automatically be sent out via our REDCap system.

The matching between your mentor and you will be carried out by video-interviews in English, comprising two sessions. For further details including selection criteria, please refer to the attached ECCTGI project outline

We do hope that you will consider applying for this programme and will spread the voice among your colleagues. Seize the day!

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- 12-13 May 2022 - The SIOPE Course on “Childhood Cancer: Causes and Epidemiology”

- 8-12 May 2023 - SIOP Europe Annual Meeting

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ERN PaedCan and Young SIOPE Interactive Webinar Series: Most Challenging Cases in Paediatric Oncology

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