ERN PaedCan and Young SIOPE Interactive Webinar Series

Most Challenging Cases in Paediatric Oncology – You are invited to an Interactive Webinar Series of ERN PaedCan and Young SIOPE  

We are pleased to invite you to participate in the new upcoming interactive webinars series on the most challenging cases in paediatric oncology, an ERN-PaedCan and Young SIOPE initiative.

From February 2021, monthly 30-minutes webinars will be organized: 15-minute case presentations by junior professionals in paediatric oncology, followed by 15 minutes of discussion with the audience and an expert in the field.

Many great applications for webinars were received, and 11 cases were chosen for presentation.

The webinars are free of charge and open to anyone who is interested, so please feel free to share this announcement with your colleagues. The ERN PaedCan management team is working on the CME accreditation of the series.

Please register your participation using the links below. (Pleae note, that you may also join the webinar series without registering. We will post the event and access links on the ERN PaedCan and SIOPE websites too. In case you are signed up, you automatically receive a calendar invitation and you are notified in case there are any changes.)


We look forward to seeing many of you at the upcoming interactive webinars!


Teresa de Rojas, Young SIOPE Steering Committee Member 

Roelof van Ewijk, Young SIOPE Steering Committee Member 

Andishe Attarbaschi, SIOPE Board Member and ERN PaedCan representative in charge of Educational Activities  


Webinar Schedule:

17 February 2021

Synchronous tumours: the chemotherapy challenge for the modern oncologist

Presenter: Emma Seaford (UK)

Expert: Meriel Jenney (UK)

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17 March 2021
Spinal cord compression: how to treat

Presenter: Paula Perez (Spain)

Expert: Asle Hesla (Sweden)

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21 April 2021

Management of a patient with refractory ALK+ anaplastic large cell lymphoma

Presenter: Eda Ataseven

Expert: Laurence Brugieres (France)

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19 May 2021

Refractory high-risk neuroblastoma management

Presenter: Alba Rubio (Spain)

Expert: Ruth Ladenstein (Austria)

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16 June 2021

Treatment conundrum in a rare diagnosis: resect and irradiate, is that enough?

Presenter: Shermaine Pan (UK)

Expert: Nathalie Gaspar (France)

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15 July 2021

Success story of a relapsing alveolar rhabdomyosarcoma: importance of complete local treatment!

Presenter: Morgane Cleirec (France) 

Expert: Hans Merks (Netherlands)

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18 August 2021

Treatment for chondrosarcoma in Li Fraumeni syndrome: what’s next?

Presenter: Alberto Romano (Italy)

Expert: Sandra Strauss (UK)

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15 September 2021

To treat or not to treat: the implications of TP53 mutations in radiotherapy decision

Presenter: Simona Gaito (UK)

Expert: Christian Kratz (Germany)

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20 October 2021

A challenging case of Rhabdomyosarcoma

Presenter: Daniela Di Carlo (Italy)

Expert: Andrea Ferrari (Italy)

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17 November 2021

Pseudopubertas praecox and the tumor rupture

Presenter: Simona Zimova (Czech Republic)

Expert: Calogero Virgone (Italy)

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15 December 2021

Congenital Brain Tumor: Diagnostic and Therapeutic Challenges

Presenter: Cristina Larrosa (Spain)

Expert: Astrid Marie Sehested (Denmark) 

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