News from the SIOP Europe Radiation Oncology Working Group


In line with previous SIOP Europe annual meetings, the Steering Committee of the Radiation Oncology Working Group will organise a radiotherapy day. Tuesday 9 May will be dedicated to radiotherapy and will include a session on QUARTET, an update on the new and ongoing projects as well as a mini-symposium on the role of surface-guided radiotherapy in paediatrics.

The website of the Working Group has been updated with information on the ongoing projects, colleagues from other countries, upcoming events, as well as ‘Information about Radiotherapy for Childhood Cancer’.  To keep the website up-to-date, don’t forget to inform Anne Blondeel by email of any changes related to your center’s contact details.

For more information about the SIOP Europe Radiation Oncology Working Group, please check the Group’s latest newsletter or visit the group's webpage.