The 2-Day Virtual Kick-Off Meeting for SIOP Europe Course in Paediatric Oncology was held virtually on 26-27 March 2021.  A very dynamic group including 50 early career stage paediatric oncologists, fellows and junior faculty in paediatric oncology were selected to attend the Course.

The 2-Day Virtual Event served as a kick-off meeting of the unique SIOPE Course in Paediatric Oncology, which is a 3-year long education and mentoring program for fellows in paediatric haematology and oncology.

Due to COVID-19, it was not possible to welcome participants and faculty in person as originally planned.  However, thanks to innovative IT tools, a highly motivated Steering Committee and faculty, and an exciting and interactive programme, the 2-day Virtual Kick-off Meeting offered an experience where everyone could share knowledge, connect and interact.

By focusing on the discussion of two clinical cases (a solid tumour and a liquid tumour), the virtual meeting managed to stimulate a highly engaging learning environment, maximising the discussion and interaction between all attendees.

Initial reactions show that participants significantly contributed to their knowledge, made new connections, and especially got them excited to meet in person for the 1st Course module in 2022!

Based on the feedback gathered via the evaluation survey as well as feedback received directly during and after the course from participants, faculty and committee members, this first SIOP Europe Course in Paediatric Oncology 2-Day Virtual Kick-Off Meeting was a huge success. A very friendly and welcoming atmosphere, conducive to active participation, exchange and learning was successfully created.

The detailed feedback received including the experiences gained and lessons learned from this edition will be used to build the upcoming modules of the Course.

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