SIOP Europe Radiation Oncology Working Group Update


Website Update

On the website of the SIOP Europe Radiation Oncology Working Group, you will find an overview of all paediatric radiotherapy centres per country/city across the SIOPE-affiliated countries with their representatives. This information is now even more easily accessible via an interactive map. If your center does not yet appear on the map or some information needs to be updated, please contact us so we can include it! 

In addition, an overview of the ongoing/completed research themes and associated publications, meetings, and newsletters are accessible here

We’ve also recently added a website which aims to support patients through offering general information about radiotherapy in children for parents and caregivers, offering a broad understanding of the treatment and what to expect. ‘Information about Radiotherapy for Childhood Cancer’ is available here


In 2022, two steering committee member positions will become vacant. If you want to contribute in an active way to the field of paediatric radiotherapy, don’t hesitate to apply, when the call opens in January!