QUARTET is a radiotherapy quality assurance (RTQA) project that supports the delivery of high-quality radiotherapy for children and adolescents with cancer that are treated in clinical trials across Europe.

The QUARTET Project officially launched in 2016 and now has 16 projects in its portfolio; spanning all major tumour types affecting children and adolescents. These projects include retrospective RTQA analyses and prospective RTQA delivery as well as retrospective and prospective imaging studies. Almost 200 patients have been submitted so far.

QUARTET currently delivers centralised prospective RTQA for children and Teens & Young Adulta (TYAs) treated in prospective clinical trials for neuroblastoma (HR-NBL2, SIOPEN), rhabdomyosarcoma (FaR-RMS, EpSSG) and brain tumours (HRMB, BTG), and continues to expand as new trials are developed by the SIOPE clinical study groups. More specifically, the project:

  • Uses the EORTC radiotherapy quality assurance platform to deliver customised RTQA programs;
  • Provides expert paediatric radiation oncologists and physicists to support RTQA program development and delivery for clinical trials implemented within the SIOPE community;
  • Tracks all real-time quality control data;
  • Conducts research projects.

QUARTET ensures that high standards of radiotherapy treatment are given to all patients enrolled, regardless of where they live. If you know of a trial incorporating radiotherapy and would like to find out more about integrating RTQA using QUARTET, please email: quartet@siope.eu.

QUARTET is fully supported by Fondatioun Kriibskrank Kanner, Luxembourg, and delivered as a collaborative project between SIOPE and EORTC.

New Fellowship Position: SIOPE-EORTC Fellow in Paediatric Radiotherapy Quality Assurance

A call for applications is now open for an additional fellow to join the QUARTET project. This is an exciting opportunity for someone to collaborate with leading experts, support ongoing and new trial development, and to develop research projects tailored to their interests. 

This 1-year fellowship (renewable up to 3 years) is Brussels-based.

Deadline for application: 15 June 2021.

To find out more and apply: https://siope.eu/SIOPE-EORTC-FELLOW.