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SIOP Europe Nursing Working Group

The SIOP 2022 Congress held in Barcelona on 28 September - 1 October, was the occasion to consolidate the SIOPE Nursing Working Group launched last March. A delegation of enthusiasts and motivated nurses from the group attended and had the opportunity to meet for the first time in person, leading to rich discussions and a more cohesive group.

The Nursing group is involved in different collaborative projects and initiatives within SIOPE but is also starting to develop its own projects. For instance, members of the group are involved in the Polaris project, and are members of the SIOPE Palliative Care Working Group. Currently, the group is working on mapping the education and training situation of paediatric cancer nurses in Palliative Care to identify the needs and priorities. This information will assist the development of further strategies for improvement.

During the Congress, members of the group participated actively and presented in several sessions, including in the presentation of the Polaris project together with doctors, psychologists, and parents, and the symposium about nursing retention and specialisation in oncology sharing the experience among nurses from European, Africa and Latin America, where the perspective was highly valued.

Furthermore, the Congress provided the opportunity to have the first in-person exchanges between several SIOP groups, including the SIOP Nutrition group and the SIOP Nursing Group in order to establish the first steps of future collaborations.

The Working Group’s immediate objective includes the organisation of the first exclusive Nursing programme that will be included in the next SIOP Europe 2023 Annual Meeting.

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