News from QUARTET Project


On the occasion of the SIOPE Annual Meeting, a dedicated QUARTET session was held on Thursday 24 March. Henry Mandeville, chair of the QUARTET project presented a progress report.

To date, 150 case reviews have been completed using the QUARTET platform, 70% of which were retrospective reviews, mainly within the HR‐NBL1 retrospective RTQA analysis. However, the number of prospective reviews are increasing due to increased trial recruitment and case submission. We expect this to increase further over the next year as more trials go live and international recruitment is extended for the current trials.

So far, reviews are resulting in an initial plan rejection rate of 86% for FaR‐RMS and 22% for HR‐NBL2, demonstrating the need for prospective plan review for all cases. We hope to see a decrease in initial plan rejection rates as sites become more familiar with the requirements. As most rejections relate to target delineation, the QUARTET team will also be investigating the possibility of training sessions and additional resources to further support sites in understanding requirements.

QUARTET fellows Sarah Kelly and Andrada Turcas reported on their initial experiences with QUARTET for the FaR-RMS trial, RTQA in Neuroblastoma, RTQA training in CNS trials and a project on vertebrae delineation and dosimetry. A recording of the session can be accessed by registered participants here.

Trials Update

In total, 9 trials for prospective RTQA, 1 trial for retrospective RTQA, 1 molecular dosimetry central review study, 2 prospective imaging studies and 1 retrospective imaging study are included in QUARTET.

Approvals are underway in around 150 institutions from 20 countries across and beyond Europe and 46 reviewers from 10 European countries are actively involved. The full trials update can be accessed on the QUARTET website.