The QUARTET Group is finalising the preparations in anticipation of two trials, HR-NBL-2 (High Risk Neuroblastoma) and FaR-RMS (Rhadomyosarcoma), which will start enrolling patients shortly. Up to 1000 patients can be expected to enrol in the next 5-7 years and the QUARTET platform will be used to perform prospective quality assurance.

Sarah Kelly, the first of two QUARTET fellows, has been preparing guideline documents as well as guideline templates in order to streamline the process of including the QUARTET platform into upcoming trials.

The QUARTET group, together with the SIOP Europe Paediatric Radiotherapy Working Group, will hold a full day session at the SIOP Europe 2019 Annual Meeting in Prague. The programme will be finalised shortly and all those interested in paediatric radiotherapy are invited to attend.

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