News from the SIOP Europe Palliative Care Working Group


The Paediatric Palliative Care Working Group (PPC WG) was founded with the help of Young SIOPE to involve an interested young physician in this development. As a Young SIOPE member, participating in the creation and expansion of a SIOP Europe working group has been a fantastic opportunity. Still, and in line with the beliefs of Young SIOPE, the PPC WG will benefit from the diversity of backgrounds and out-of-the-box thinking of other young physicians, who in turn will be able to benefit from the support of recognised experts in the PPC field. So, if you’ve been thinking that there is something missing in our learning, be active and join us - visit the group's webpage for more information about the WG or to submit your application.

Building on the success of the WG’s inaugural session at the SIOP Europe Annual Meeting last year, we also invite you to attend exciting sessions in 2023! Don’t miss the plenary on Wednesday, where our guest from St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital, Dr. Michael McNeill, will talk about integrating novel measures in clinical trials. In collaboration with Young SIOPE, the Nursing WG, the Psychosocial WG and CCI-Europe, on Thursday there will be a debate on early versus late integration of palliative care in paediatric oncology. Another session will focus on pain management, in collaboration with the Nursing WG. Check out times and rooms in the programme.

If you want to meet the current PPC WG, Steering Committee and other members, please join us at the Open Session on 11 May, from 9h15 – 10h00, bringing a smile and ideas for future projects.