News from the Psychosocial Working Group


The SIOPE Psychosocial Working Group is thrilled to share the exciting growth of this dedicated group since its launch in 2022. Our group now comprises 30 members from 16 countries, including representatives from other SIOPE working groups committed to the field of paediatric oncology. This diverse composition allows us to tap into the synergies of our network as we strive to achieve our goals of raising awareness about psychosocial needs and promoting improved psychosocial care and research structures across Europe.
Our group convenes four times a year to exchange ideas, and we further collaborate in smaller task forces focusing on specific topics, such as mapping psychosocial services. At the upcoming SIOPE Annual Meeting in Milan, we invite you to explore the opportunity to engage with our group, either by joining us or simply exchanging ideas and visions. During this event, we will delve into key issues in psychosocial care and research, examine the risks associated with the absence of psychosocial care, and shine a spotlight on psychosocial aspects through various interdisciplinary sessions.

We look forward to many participants and stimulating discussions!