News from SIOP Europe Nursing Working Group



As 2022 reached its end and we start into the New Year, we would like to update all of you about the achievements of our Working Group.

Since March 2022, when this group was launched, we are proud to have achieved significant milestones.

We actively participated in the SIOP 2022, where the European Nursing Working Group has been recognised as one of the six SIOP Continental Branches. As a result, the group will participate in the first SIOP Nursing Regional Leadership Meeting that was held in January 2023. This was the opportunity to introduce the different initiatives in which the SIOP Europe Nursing Working Group is involved, to discuss possibilities for international collaborations, and how we may interface to support each other and SIOP nurses worldwide.

Furthermore, we are fully immersed in developing the scientific nursing programme for the SIOP Europe 2023 Annual Meeting. We are thrilled to announce that a two-day scientific programme for nurses will take place for the first time. During these two days, we will present the different projects led by the groups as well as the collaborations with other SIOP Europe working groups, such as the Palliative Care Working Group, or the SIOP Nutritional Group. Relevant nursing topics will be covered through several sessions as well as one educational session. We hope this will be an opportunity to share ideas and knowledge as well as to lay the foundations for future collaborations and projects.

We strongly hope to count on SIOP Europe and the paediatric oncology community's assistance to spread this news and encourage their nurses colleagues to join us in Valencia.

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Upcoming events:

  • 31 January 2023: SIOPE/PanCare Late Effects Nursing Group webinar on Survivorship Passports. Register here.
  • 12-13 June 2023: Lustrum Symposium Nursing/Paramedics Program, Utrecht, Netherlands