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The SIOP Europe Educational Steering Committee has put together an exciting educational programme for the 4th edition of the SIOP Europe Annual Meeting:

  • On Monday, 8 May, Rob Pieters and Andishe Attarbaschi will chair a session with speakers Christina Halsey and Ching-Hon Pui who will discuss “High-dose methotrexate in peadiatric acute lymphoblastic leukaemia”. On the same day, Arendt von Stackelberg will give a state-of-the-art talk on the “Treatment of relapsed acute lymphoblastic leukaemia.”
  • On Tuesday, 9 May, Gertjan Kaspers will discuss “How to treat relapsed acute myeloid leukaemia” and Michael Dworzak will give a lecture on “Diagnostic approaches in children with persistent pancytopenia.”
  • On Friday, 12 May, Katrin Scheinemann will talk about “The landscape of Low Grade glioma.”

Some other sessions of note are the Young SIOPE session on “Clash of the molecular profiling platforms” and the SIOP-RTSG Educational Session on Wednesday, 10 May as well as the SIOPEN Educational session on Friday, 12 May.

Sessions are still being finalised, so be sure to check the full preliminary programme here for the latest.

Upcoming webinars and courses:

  • Young SIOPE and ERN PaedCan Interactive Webinar Series on Most Challenging cases in Paediatric Oncology will continue in 2023 with 7 new cases. Upcoming webinars and recordings are available here.
  • ESCP Webinars, in which we explain the new European clinical recommendations for best practice for each childhood cancer. Webinars and recordings are here.
  • ESO e-Learning with the upcoming topic of  Pain Management in Paediatric Oncology on 21 February. The full list of sessions and recordings are available here.
  • CEDAR Webinars,  as part of the Childhood Cancer Early Diagnosis and Appropriate Referral Project organized monthly by SIOP and IPA. Full session list here.
  • Stay tuned for more information on two new courses for 2023, one on AYA in collaboration with the SIOP AYA Committee and one on Statistics in collaboration with i-BFM and CCRI.
  • Planning of the next ESO-SIOPe Master Class, IPSO E-learning sessions with SIOPe as a partner, a joint curriculum with EHA in Paediatric Haematology and Oncology (PHO), and a Summer School in PHO for medical students has already started and you will be updated soon.



A group of Fellows published a report about their experience in the first edition of the European Journal of Cancer: Paediatric Oncology, available here.


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