News from QUARTET




QUARTET continues to perform site approvals and plan evaluations for FaR-RMS (EpSSG), HRMB (SIOPE Brain Tumour Group), LINES (SIOPEN), HR-NBL2 (SIOPEN), and VERITAS (SIOPEN). Good progress has also been made for the setup of QUARTET-affiliated trials investigating questions for Ewing sarcoma, non-rhabdomyosarcoma soft-tissue sarcomas, advanced-teratoid rhabdoid tumours, and Wilms tumours.

Site RTQA approvals are underway for around 150 institutions from 20 countries throughout and beyond Europe, almost half have received their site RTQA approval which means they can recruit patients. Radiotherapy departments that expect to participate in these trials but have not yet started approval procedures should get in touch with the QUARTET team – they will make the process as easy as possible for you! Contact information is available on the QUARTET website.

Over 250 plans have so far been submitted for evaluation, almost 40% of plans submitted are found to have at least one protocol deviation – highlighting the importance of performing prospective review to allow error correction prior to treatment delivery. The radiotherapy committees are putting together additional resources to better support sites to create high-quality treatment plans.

QUARTET members will next meet on November 3rd in Brussels to discuss ongoing or planned trials and research activities. All publications and abstracts will be made available on the QUARTET website.

To learn more about the project or get involved please refer to the QUARTET concept paper, published in the European Journal of Cancer, as well as the website.