SIOPE ICCD Event 2024


SIOPE ICCD Event 2024 

SIOPE and CCI Europe presented their European Elections Manifesto 2024 for the paediatric oncology and haematology community on the occasion of the International Childhood Cancer Day, 13 February 2024 in the European Parliament. MEPs and organisations proudly signed the Manifesto during the event held at the European Parliament with high-level speakers. For updates on the number of endorsements, click here

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“Beating Childhood Cancer: Cure More, Cure Better and Tackle Inequalities"

The European Elections 2024 Manifesto for the paediatric oncology and haematology community was proudly presented and discussed at the International Childhood Cancer Day event in the European Parliament.

The event "Beating Childhood Cancer: Cure More, Cure Better and Tackle Inequalities", was named after the Manifesto itself. It was hosted by MEP Stelios Kympouropoulos who we thank heartily for being a champion of the cause of children with cancer. He declared: “International Childhood Cancer Day is extremely important as a landmark for raising awareness, however unremittingly and every day we should fight together against childhood cancer”.

A special video address by Stella Kyriakides, Commissioner for Health and Food Safety highlighted her unwavering commitment to our efforts.

“’Our partnership with The European Society for Paediatric Oncology is driving our Cancer Plan forward in the paediatric domain. We have achieved a lot with Europe’s Beating Cancer Plan, but many more milestones lie ahead. Children with cancer need to have the spotlight shone on them and their families, so they can continue to smile, to hope, to dream, to believe.’’

The manifesto was presented by Dr. Gilles Vassal (SIOPE, Gustave Roussy) and Delphine Heenen (CCI Europe, Kick Cancer) who outlined the need to:

1.    Save more lives thanks to better treatments
2.    Support the recovery of children and adolescents after their treatment
3.    Eradicate inequalities among children and adolescents with cancer

In the panel discussions which followed, the debate evolved around vital policy key EU legislation and initiatives of paramount importance for our childhood cancer community, such as:

•    The current revision of the EU Pharmaceutical Legislation;
•    The negotiation of the European Health Data Space;
•    Sustainability of Europe’s Beating Cancer Plan and EU Cancer Mission to maintain investment into initiatives and projects in childhood cancer.

Looking to the future, speakers also highlighted the need for  EU support in various areas of delivery of research and care  in childhood cancer, namely:

•    Developing Comprehensive Paediatric Cancer Infrastructures,
•    Ensuring the sustainability of ERN PaedCan,
•    Enabling accreditation of centres delivering childhood cancer care,
•    Implementing European Standards of Care for Children with Cancer.

Last but not least, panellists stressed that cancer does not stop after treatment: EU countries must do better in terms of providing psychosocial support and survivorship care.

In  June 2024, European citizens will have the opportunity to  have their voices heard by electing the new members of the European Parliament. The 2024-2029 mandate is THE chance to progress the ongoing European Union initiatives and deliver an integrated childhood cancer-specific programme that will save lives, improve the quality of survival, and eradicate inequalities. We will strive to ensure that childhood cancer remains high on the political agenda, and tangible results are delivered in our mission to cure more, cure better, and eradicate inequalities.


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