Discover the SIOP Europe Psychosocial Working Group


A group of dedicated individuals from various psychosocial professions founded the SIOP Europe Psychosocial Working Group, which will address challenges such as a lack of adequate, evidence-based psychosocial care in many hospitals across Europe, the great heterogeneity of psychosocial research and care across Europe, and the inequalities and disparities regarding care. The group’s objectives are to harmonise and develop the implementation of psychosocial standards of care, to develop practical tools to support implementation, to establish and foster a European-wide research culture within the psychosocial field, to raise awareness and to establish specialist training programmes.

The Working Group held a session during the SIOPE Annual Meeting on “Psychosocial Care – More than an Emergency Service”. The goals of the session were to raise awareness about the field of psychosocial care and to gain momentum for the launch of the group. An interactive panel discussion took place, asking the participants to answer questions via a poll, with the answers driving the panel discussions.  

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