International Childhood Cancer Awareness Day (ICCD 2020)

Room ASP 3G2 │ European Parliament │ Brussels, Belgium

Artificial Intelligence and Big Data: Towards the next frontier in paediatric cancer research and innovation in Europe

Hosted by MEP Patrizia Toia (IT, S&D) and Vice-Chair of ITRE

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About ICCD

Currently in its 10th edition, the ICCD is an annual flagship conference to mark the International Childhood Cancer Awareness Day (15 February) at the European Parliament, attracting close to 100 multi-stakeholder participants each year.

All individually rare, paediatric cancers jointly represent the first cause of death by disease in children older than 1 year in Europe: more than 6,000 young patients die and 35,000 cases are diagnosed annually. While substantial improvements have been achieved, there has been little progress in the cure rate of several paediatric malignancies, which are still driving mortality today.

The rarity of individual paediatric cancer types and their leading collective health burden across Europe make coordinated EU level approaches crucial. The ICCD event is thus dedicated to finding novel solutions to foster progress in childhood cancers through EU policy, programmes and collaboration with all stakeholders.


Final Programme:

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  1. The European Paediatric Cancer community vision on AI and Big Data (academia and clinicians) - Prof. Gilles Vassal
  2. The European Paediatric SPACE Cancer community vision on AI and Big Data (parents, patients and survivors) – Ms. Delphine Heenen
  3. The European Reference Network Model and the great Potential of eHealth - Prof. Ruth Ladenstein
  4. Pioneering AI application in paediatric cancers: the EU PRIMAGE project - Dr. Luis Martí Bonmatí
  5. Expert Panel on policy and programme orientations - Marco Marsella, Head of Unit: eHealth, Well-Being & Ageing, DG CONNECT 


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