SIOP Europe 2021 Annual Meeting (Virtual)

SIOP Europe 2021 Annual Meeting - an innovative setting dedicated to the latest developments in Paediatric Haemato-Oncology

The SIOP Europe Annual Meeting brings together the diverse stakeholders who are invested in tackling key issues for children and adolescents with cancer, with the aim of increasing the cure rates and improving the quality of life for survivors. 


Why attend?

This unique event includes novel session formats, which are comparable to interactive workshops. The meeting hosts most of the European clinical trial groups, thereby disseminating the outcomes of the high-quality clinical and basic research carried out in Europe.


Who should attend?

All SIOP and SIOPE members, parent/patients groups and survivors are invited.  

Type of delegates: scientists, clinicians, researchers, young experts, parents, patients, survivors, policymakers and healthcare professionals.


In partnership with CCI Europe

To enhance collaboration between all stakeholders, especially with parents and survivors, the Annual Meeting will is held in partnership with CCI Europe.


Event website: