MCCR Workshop

MCCR/Flims: A Unique Opportunity for the Next Generation of Cancer Clinical Research Experts 

MCCR, the annual joint ECCO-AACR-EORTC-ESMO workshop on 'Methods in Clinical Cancer Research', is THE way thousands of young professionals and medical students  learn the essentials of oncological clinical trial design in Europe. MCCR takes place every summer in Zeist, the Netherlands.

Previously known as "Flims", this workshop proved to be extremely successful over the past years. In an excellent environment for an educational focus, this well-recognised course trains the next generation of high-level clinical scientists who will develop new cancer therapies. The one-week course programme includes lectures given byexperienced faculty members covering virtually all aspects of clinical trial development. These highly experienced clinical experts provide their advices on protocol development and career mentoring to course participants on the occasion of one-to-one sessions, small group discussions, and panel discussions. A fundamental part of the workshop is the 'protocol development group', where the participants' initial protocol proposal are discussed in small groups of eight fellows and four faculty members. This setting allows students to complete the writing of their protocol by critically reviewing it, identifying critical aspects and improving it. The workshop gives participants the opportunity to build professional relationships in a motivating atmosphere where everyone (fellows and faculty) is eager to work hard on the protocols and provide support and advice to junior professionals from all over the world.

Access to this exclusive workshop is highly competitive, but the 80 successful applicants will live a very intense but rewarding educational experience which will help them in their career. "Attending the MCCR workshop was a great experience which I recommend to every fellow who is interested in designing clinical trials in oncology. It was a great honour for me getting the chance to participate and develop my own protocol during the course” says Dr. Elke Pfaff, SIOPE fellow at the MCCR 2016 Workshop. To fulfill its objective to facilitate medical and professional co-operation across Europe, SIOPE has sponsored the attendance to this highly competitive workshop for deserving young oncologists who will develop a clinical trial proposal on childhood cancer.

Advisory Member of ECCO, theFlims Alumni Club (FAC) is a club solely open to young professionals and Faculty having attended MCCR/Flims, offering several benefits.  Dr. Susanne Gatz from the UK officially represents SIOPE within this exclusive club.

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For further information please contact the Workshop Coordinator, Ms. Sapna Sheth at sapna.sheth<at> (please replace <at> with @).