SIOP Europe Radiation Oncology Working Group – Project Endorsement Policy

The SIOP Europe Radiation Oncology Working Group welcomes new research ideas and project proposals that could benefit from distribution or participation by a larger group of radiation oncology professionals, which can be reached via the SIOP Europe Radiation Oncology Working Group network.

Please contact or one of the Steering Committee members. Your project will be discussed in an upcoming next monthly steering committee meeting.

For endorsement by the SIOP Europe Radiation Oncology Working Group, your project should fulfil the following criteria:

  1. The topic of the project is related to paediatric radiotherapy.
  2. The responsible radiation/clinical oncologist of the project presents the topic to the steering committee of the SIOPE ROWG in an initial phase.
  3. The SIOPE ROWG Steering Committee will have the opportunity to comment on the design of the study/project.
  4. Interim feedback to the Steering Committee on the progress of the project is mandatory.
  5. At least 3 different SIOPE countries, and consequently co-authors, are involved in the project.
  6. Involvement of radiotherapy-related professionals in the project is recommended.
  7. Acknowledgments to the SIOPE ROWG steering committee is required, even if no steering committee member is involved as co-author of the manuscript.
  8. The outcome of the project is presented and discussed at the Annual SIOPE Meeting.
  9. The outcome of the project is discussed with the Steering Committee before submission to the journal.

On behalf of the SIOPE Radiation Oncology Working Group Steering Committee,  

Geert Janssens (chair), Tom Boterberg (past-chair), Cathy Dunlea, Semi Harrabi, Mark Gaze, Anne Laprie, Gillian Whitfield

Last Updated January 2022