SIOPE Host Genome Working Group

A considerable percentage of childhood cancers are due to cancer predisposition syndromes (CPS) and identifying these children with CPS has significant clinical consequences for the patient and their family.

Recent advances in genetics have led to better understanding and early detection of these syndromes and offer the potential for preclinical diagnosis. The challenge faced by most paediatric oncologists is navigating these complexities to identify at-risk children who will benefit from genetic testing and counselling.

The SIOPE Host Genome Working Group (HGWG), officially launched during the 1st SIOP Europe Annual Meeting in Prague, aims to study and broaden the expertise in this field.


The group has the following overarching aims:

  1. To study the cancer epidemiology of individuals with cancer predisposition syndromes (CPS)
  2. To study the CPS biology
  3. To study the genetic and environmental cancer risk modifying factors in individuals with a CPS
  4. To share and grow expertise in the interpretation of cancer predisposition gene (CPG) variants
  5. To improve the psychosocial support for individuals with CPS
  6. To improve the diagnosis of CPS
  7. To improve counselling for individuals with CPS
  8. To develop cancer prevention strategies for individuals with CPS
  9. To optimise cancer surveillance for individuals with CPS
  10. To improve cancer treatment of patients with CPS by close collaboration with trial groups
  11. To collaborate with family support organisations
  12. To study the genetic component of adverse treatment reactions
  13. To harmonise care standards and diagnostic procedures for individuals with CPS within Europe
  14. To educate families and health professionals in host genome field
  15. To study health economic aspects related to CPS

Membership requirements:

  • SIOPE Host Genome Working Group members must be (or become) SIOP Europe Members.
  • All SIOPE members can join the Host Genome Working Group.
  • Please complete the application form. You will be asked to provide your contact details, upload a short CV and describe your interest in joining the Working Group.

For further information, please contact Anne Blondeel: