Young SIOPE Update


We would like to update you on the progress of our projects and point out new upcoming exciting educational initiatives for Young SIOPE members. Please also support a request of our Young SIOPE colleague, Paula Perez, to evaluate the lifestyle advices in paediatric oncology treatment and fill out the online questionnaire.

Most importantly, we will end a first term for some members of our Young SIOPE steering committee. We thank Reineke Schoot for all her impressive work as first chair of Young SIOPE and know she will remain supporting Young SIOPE and the whole SIOPE community.  Maria Otth will be our new chair from January 2022 and will take place in the SIOPE board meetings on behalf of Young SIOPE. Soon we will also elect new Young SIOPE steering committee members whose terms will start at the upcoming Annual meeting. Specific information can be expected soon.


Essential medicines project The Essential Medicines Project will provide a list of medicines essential in the treatment of childhood cancer in Europe. A manuscript describing the whole effort and evaluation of essential medicines is nearly finished and expected to be published in 2022. In the meantime, we were able to use information generated within this project to contribute to the new edition of the WHO Essential Medicines List for children, published on October 1st. All four submitted documents were accepted, which was only possible due to given efforts of the Essential Medicines Project’s outstanding team comprised of over 60 individuals, all our applications are accepted! 

Young NaPHOS – Over the last months the initiative has been taken to explore a role of a Young NaPHOS group, reflecting the National Paediatric Haemato-Oncology Societies or groups (NaPHOS). Junior representatives of the NaPHOS have been discussing how to involve junior organisations and provide European wide input for our Young SIOPE initiatives. Goals of this platform are in development.


Educational initiatives

Young SIOPE has joined the exciting new challenge of SIOP Europe of further expanding its educational programme. Three members of the Young SIOPE steering committee have joined this official working group (read all about it in the SIOP Europe education update).

Young SIOPE – ERN Paedcan – We would like to thank all applicants for the 2022 series of the “most challenging cases in paediatric oncology”. Seven cases have been selected to be presented next year. We look forward seeing you at our next session the 15th of December with the title “Congenital Brain Tumor: Diagnostic and Therapeutic Challenges” by Cristina Larrosa (Spain) and the invited expert Astrid Marie Sehested (Denmark). 

Young SIOPE – ESO webinarAfter the success of Prof. Locatelli discussing CAR-T cell therapies in solid tumours last September, we look forward to Prof. Zwaan who will highlight the “Research highlights in pediatric oncology of 2021” 16th of December at 18:15 (CET). 


Questionnaire Lifestyle recommendations for children with cancer survey

Dear colleague, we are writing to you from the Support Working Group from the Spanish Haematology and Oncology Society. We would kindly ask you to answer these questions (7 + affiliation) regarding outpatient management and what are/not allowed to do/go children with cancer during treatment:
These are general questions which refer to stable, without active infection or acute complications, patients. We would very much appreciate, if possible, a representative answer or different answers from all areas: Malignant Haematology, CNS tumours, non-CNS solid tumours and Bone Marrow Transplant. Thank you very much for your help. 


The Young SIOP Europe Steering Committee is chaired by Reineke Schoot (Netherlands) and its members are Teresa de Rojas (Spain), Maria Otth (Switzerland), Eva Brack (Switzerland), Nikolas Herold (Sweden), Erica Pace (United Kingdom) and Roelof van Ewijk (Netherlands).