We are One: the Child4Child Campaign

WeAreOneLast 15th February, you might have heard on YouTube or the radio a very moving melody, sang by young and crystalline voices. On International Childhood Cancer Day, more than 900,000 children from all over the world have participated in the making of the song “We are One”, raising their voices against childhood cancer. “We are One” was created by director and musician Christophe Beck, the author of the soundtrack of the famous animation movie “Frozen”. Initially, some of the most famous singing kids on YouTube formed a core group, illustrating online the song melody and lyrics. Then, on 11th January 2016 they invited every child and teenager on the planet to join in, sing and record their own version of the song by simply following the instructions on the Child4Child website. Their performances have together reached over 300 million views on YouTube. The resulting final song – a mix of some of the videos received, with the chorus containing all the voices recorded via the website – has been released on 15th February 2016 on music streaming platforms such as Spotify and iTunes, achieving the aim to raise awareness about childhood cancers. This impressive and very successful awareness raising campaign has been possible thanks to Childhood Cancer International (CCI), the umbrella organisation that represents childhood cancer patients and parents and survivors at the international level (180 parent organisations from 90 countries).

Please keep the song alive and spread the music video across the world!

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