SIOPE Joins Unite2Cure: You can, too!

cropped-unite3curebanner-1SIOPE endorses the campaign 'Unite2Cure', a network of groups and individuals from across Europe who are calling for better treatment and better access to treatment for children and young people with cancer. The movement, which is parent-led, aims to unite parents/carers, survivors, not for profit organisations, health professionals, researchers and other industry experts in a campaign to save more young lives. The aim of this new and exciting network is to stimulate debate and conversations around childhood/teen cancer and initiate a grassroots movement for change. Unite2Cure is working in partnership with the CDDF-SIOPE-ITCC Paediatric Platform, created in 2013 to intensify cooperation between all stakeholders on the development of better and more efficient medicines for children and adolescents with cancer. Unite2Cure will focus on exploiting social media and other communication channels to stimulate wider discussion and to call for immediate change to current European regulation of drug development for children and teenagers during international Childhood Cancer Awareness month in September 2015. More information: