SIOPE-ESMO Partnership on Adolescents and Young Adults (AYA)

esmosiopeFollowing the collaborative efforts of SIOPE and ESMO since 2014, the dedicated Working Group on Cancer in Adolescents and Young Adults (AYA) is a joint venture between the two societies. This Working Group aims to promote education in issues that are specific to this age population, to increase awareness amongst the medical and paediatric oncology communities and to enhance knowledge on AYA-related issues. Working Group members are working to define specific educational and scientific programmes in the field, as well as to optimise approaches to prevention, diagnosis, treatment and long term follow-up for teenagers and young adults. This initiative is in line with one of the SIOPE Strategic Plan’s objective to address the specific needs of adolescents and young adults in cooperation with adult oncology, and our Society found in ESMO a partner sharing the same concerns. Although cancer in AYA is rare, it is a substantial cause of death in this population, and outcomes are often poorer than in younger patients with the same cancer. Several contributing factors have been identified: the type of tumours, their biology and sensitivity to current therapies, as well as the low participation of AYA in clinical trials. AYA have specific and unmet needs, and their position between adult and children’s services in healthcare systems does not allow for the best possible provision of care or dedicated research that could improve their quality of survival. The Working group has already implemented the first concrete initiatives on this topic: surveyShowcased both at the ESMO and SIOP Congresses 2016, this joint survey aims to map the current availability of specialist care for adolescents and young adults in Europe, to ensure that the joint Working Group provides educational content on AYA issues that is of interest to members of both societies, and to increase professional awareness of AYA cancer related issues. If you have a specific interest on this population of patients, please complete this quick survey by December 24th, 2016.

2017 Updates

The AYA working group was created to increase awareness amongst the medical and paediatric oncology communities and enhance knowledge on specific cancer issues to this population. A survey was carried out to map the status and needs, exploring health care providers' practice patterns, knowledge and available services regarding AYA cancer care.   This survey revealed important under-provision and inequity of AYA cancer care across Europe. Improving care using education and research focused on AYA is a growing priority for both ESMO and SIOPE. More information: