‘Revue d’Oncologie Hématologie Pédiatrique’: Our Official French-Speaking Journal

revueSIOPE pursues the objectives and priorities of this community of professionals working in the field of paediatric haemato-oncology (more than 1,600 in 34 European countries), and its mission consists in facilitating and supporting their daily work to improve the access of children and teenagers with cancer to the best available treatments, and to improve the quality of life of survivors in the long term. The progresses made by paediatric oncology and haematology in Europe in terms of improving survival rates in the last fifty years (up to 80% today) are incomparable. This was possible thanks to the great commitment of paediatric oncology professionals whom, despite the limited financial resources available, created European research networks and have been able to develop more effective treatments for paediatric cancers, thus giving better chances to all young European patients. It is in this framework that we warmly welcomed the creation of the Revue d'oncologie hématologie pédiatrique, which became the first official SIOPE journal in French. This publication dedicated to our discipline addresses the need to inform and train specialised professionals, and it will allow paediatricians, radiation therapists, nurses, and all the other professions involved in childhood cancer care to improve their knowledge in all scientific fields, in a multidisciplinary way, and be always informed about the latest findings of their international colleagues. Each edition of the magazine will be at the core of the news, because the challenge of our discipline is not yet won in Europe: 6,000 children and adolescents still die from cancer each year and 1 in 600 children will develop cancer before his 20 years. This journal will also cover the serious late effects and problems survivors might face during their adulthood (infertility, hearing loss, heart dysfunctions, etc.), as well as the existing inequalities in access to medical treatments and innovations across Europe. We were waiting for a long time for a publication fully dedicated to what the members of SIOPE do daily, and the ‘Revue d'oncologie hématologie pédiatrique’ is fully in line with the SIOPE Strategic Plan’s objectives. We therefore welcome the fact that our French colleagues will be able to read high-quality articles and thus further develop their expertise; this is only the first step for our society, but we are certain that in the future such initiatives will increase worldwide and allow a broader access to this type of quality information.