PanCareSurFup for Childhood Cancer Survivors – Acting Now!


European Conference ‘PanCareSurFup for Childhood Cancer Survivors – Acting Now!’

23-24 May 2016, Brussels, Belgium

PCSF EU ConferenceSIOPE and the PanCareSurFup Consortium would like to invite you to the European Conference ‘PanCareSurFup for Childhood Cancer Survivors – Acting Now!’. This is the first European Conference on survivorship after childhood cancer and aims to inform childhood cancer survivors and their families about interesting study results which could have an impact on their lives. Currently 80% of children and adolescents are expected to survive: however, many of these survivors may face significant long-term risks to their health and well-being. Since cancer treatment is received during periods of growth and development, late effects are usually more severe than those experienced by adult cancer survivors. This is why the European study PanCareSurFup (PanCare Childhood and Adolescent Cancer Survivor Care and Follow-Up Studies) has been set to make a unique impact on childhood cancer survivorship. The overall goal of this exceptional project is to provide every European childhood cancer survivor with better access to long-term care and deeper understanding of the late effects of treatment for cancer, thereby reducing the present health inequalities on our continent. The research performed by partners in this project is essential to educate both former patients and healthcare professionals and to empower survivors to play an active role in maintaining their own health and well-being via specific tools, like the ‘Survivorship Passport’. Supported by the EU 7th Framework Programme, PanCareSurFup involves 16 European institutions and presents the largest cohort of survivors to date. Taking place just ahead of the European Week Against Cancer, this unique 2-day Conference will showcase the essential European-wide work undertaken by PanCareSurFup in the past years. On this occasion, several key stakeholders (paediatric oncologists and healthcare professionals, European policy-makers, researchers, psychologists, nurses, childhood cancer survivors and their families) will come together and address the current challenges in ensuring the quality of survivorship, one of the main objectives of the SIOPE European Cancer Plan for Children and Adolescents. You can register to this event on the PanCareSurFup website, registration will remain open until 10th May 2016. Participation grants to attend the conference have been made available for childhood cancer survivors and their families (successful awardees have been notified). More information: