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The International Childhood Cancer Awareness Day (ICCD2018) will take place on 20 February 2018 (15:00-17:00) at the European Parliament in Brussels.

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Paediatric Cancers in Europe – The Road Ahead: Towards FP9 and the next EU Health Funding Programmes

As the current EU programmes for research and public health are moving towards their final phase, the European paediatric cancer community is looking towards undertaking further collaborative efforts in the post-2020 scenario.

On the occasion of the annual ICCD event, the European Society for Paediatric Oncology (SIOPE), representing professionals and in cooperation with parents, patients and survivors will outline future priorities for delivering more and better cure for children and adolescents with cancer across Europe.

Cancer remains the leading cause of children’s mortality by disease in Europe with 6,000 young patients dying each year, and contributes to morbidity in survivors, with the majority experiencing adverse long-term effects.

In 2015, the multi-stakeholder endorsed ‘SIOPE Strategic Plan – A European Cancer Plan for Children and Adolescents’ was launched with the support of the EU FP7 ENCCA project. It outlined the objectives of the community for the next 10 years including:

  • Improving access to innovative therapies
  • Equal access to standard care, expertise and clinical research
  • Improving the quality of survivorship
  • Fostering state-of-the-art education and training for paediatric oncology professionals

SIOPE has been driving this agenda in cooperation with and support of EU programmes and initiatives for the past years. Milestones include the institution of theEuropean Reference Network for Paediatric Oncology (ERN PaedCan) and targeted activities as part of the EU Joint Action on Rare Cancers (JARC).

Further cooperation and alignment with EU programmes will remain instrumental for the realisation of the SIOPE Strategic Plan in the years to come.

ICCD2018 will present the priorities of the childhood cancer community and highlight the main areas where further concerted efforts are urgently needed to improve the lives of young cancer patients and survivors in Europe.

More information: ICCD2018 web page.