The QUARTET Project and the SIOP Europe Paediatric Radiotherapy Working Group


The 2018 QUARTET group meeting took place on 16 October in Brussels.

The group gathered to discuss the status of the trials included in the QUARTET project, particularly those that will open shortly. HR-NBL-2 (High Risk Neuroblastoma) and FaR-RMS (Rhadomyosarcoma) have been approved and will start enrolling patients early next year.

Up to 1000 patients can be expected to enrol in the next 5-7 years and the QUARTET platform will be used to perform prospective quality assurance. QUARTET’s role within other projects was also discussed, namely its role within the EU Joint Action on Rare Cancers (JARC), where QUARTET members are providing input in formulating essential organisational recommendations for radiotherapy centres irradiating children with cancer.

The group also discussed the formation of a SIOP Europe Paediatric Radiotherapy Working Group, which will have a larger scope than just quality assurance and could potentially focus on the promotion of the highest standards in paediatric radiation oncology and on the development and facilitation of clinical trials to enhance the evidence base for paediatric radiotherapy.

More information about QUARTET here.