The QUARTET Group held its annual meeting virtually on 7 October 2020. The current status of the trials, practical issues related to the implementation of QUARTET and future plans for the project were discussed. On the occasion of this meeting, Henry Mandeville was appointed as the new chairperson of the QUARTET Project. After a successful tenure, Tom Boterberg will now serve as past Chair.

The year 2020 has seen a great deal of progress in the QUARTET project.

We now have eight trials approved for prospective RTQA, with two more on the horizon.

For the FaR-RMS and HRMB trials, comprehensive guidelines are ready and RTQA site approvals for both trials are well under way ensuring that we will be ready for the prospective RTQA when patients are recruited.

RTQA guidelines are also in development for several other trials and will be finalised over the coming months. Review processes and the supporting infrastructure have all been set in place.

More information on the QUARTET Project: www.siope.eu/quartet