We take this opportunity to refresh your memory on the aim of the PRIMAGE project and update you on the current state of play.

The EU-funded PRIMAGE project aims to develop a cloud-based platform to support decision making in the clinical management of two of the most dangerous childhood cancers: Neuroblastoma and Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Glioma. PRIMAGE´s performance will be trained and validated with thousands of real-world data from the most prominent European Paediatric oncology units, clinical trials, and European Imaging Biobanks, contributing to European shared data infrastructures.

PRIMAGE facilitates sharing key clinical data while protecting patients’ privacy and serves as a building block of the common European Data Infrastructure. By making medical data available to the scientific community, PRIMAGE boosts health research and paves the way for innovation that benefits us all.

PRIMAGE will contribute to better patient staging through quantitative analysis of medical images using imaging biomarkers in combination with known prognostic factors, allowing specialists to propose better diagnoses and prognoses, as well as more accurate treatment options for the patient’s specific condition

Through our data, each of us can help protect the most vulnerable in the fight against cancer.

As PRIMAGE enters its 31st month, we would like to share the milestones achieved during the past months and the tasks that we expect to deliver by November 2021, leading to the final version of the PRIMAGE platform.

  • Milestone 2; developing a preliminary PRIMAGE database providing shared access to partners’ retrospective data;
  • ⌛ Milestone 3; The data from Milestone2 will help us reach milestone 3, i.e. developing preliminary in silico mathematical models at whole tumour, tissue cell and cell and subcellular cell, and the machine learning models for automated image segmentation and patient clustering.
  • Milestone 4; implementing PRIMAGE middleware for effective connectivity to open or private clouds as required for different modules, and facilitating pipelines for connectivity with other shared repositories and 3rd parties’ open cloud platforms;
  • ⌛ Together with Milestone 4, we submitted deliverable 2.5, i.e., deploying the final refined version of the hybrid open cloud and processing middleware. In November 2021, we will deploy the final refined version of the Model Execution Environment.Milestone 5; We should deliver a functional version of the PRIMAGE platform ready for in silico external clinical validation by November 21.
  • ⌛ Upon achieving this milestone and based on the results, we can refine the PRIMAGE platform before starting the in silico external validation in December 2021 or January 2022.

We invite you to visit the PRIMAGE website and follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter for further updates.

Through our data, each of us can help protect the most vulnerable in the fight against cancer.