In November 2020, the PRIMAGE Project entered its 24th month. Ten reports were delivered to the European Commission on the following topics:

  • Deployment of an intermediate version of the Model Execution Environment
  • Curated imaging and clinical data for some 500 retrospective cases of NB and DIPG
  • Description of biological biomarker panels to be used in the diagnosis module
  • Image segmentation models for NB and for DIPG
  • Advancements of in-silico model for simulation of solid tumour growth at whole tumour scale
  • Advancements of in-silico models for tumor cells interaction at tissue scale
  • Advancements of in-silico model for simulation of effect of pharmacology on sub-cellular behaviour of tumour cells
  • Visual Analytics System´s architecture and implementation
  • Record of dissemination and communication activities in year 2 and plan for year 3
  • Year 2 exploitation plan

Currently, Neuroblastoma & DIPG cases and imaging data are being uploaded into the PRIMAGE Platform for further analysis and use by the project partners.

The availability of this data will allow further work to deliver the open cloud-based platform to support decision making in the clinical management of these two paediatric cancers.

The PRIMAGE platform aims to implement the latest advancement of in-silico imaging biomarkers and modelling of tumour growth towards a personalised diagnosis, prognosis and therapies follow-up.

More information on PRIMAGE: