In November 2021, the PRIMAGE Project entered its 36th month and delivered seven reports to the European Commission on the following topics:

  • D2.6. Deployment of the final, refined version of the Model Execution Environment
  • D4.5. Beta version of the diagnostic module
  • D5.4. Multiscale simulation framework for modelling of tumour growth
  • D6.3. Visual tools for in-silico models
  • D6.4. Patient-clustering predictive models and intermediary AI models for CEP responses
  • D9.7. Record of dissemination and communication activities in year 3 and plan for year 4
  • D9.8. Year 3 exploitation plan

The PRIMAGE consortium complete one of the most important milestones: developing the PRIMAGE Cloud Platform computational infrastructure. The Platform allows to store the patients’ related data and run the predictive computational tools.

PRIMAGE also developed the PRIMAGE web platform that includes the CRF for NB and DIPG, the image analysis models for the extraction of image biomarkers, and the first version of the multiscale tumour growth models is ready.

Data collection remains the most challenging limitation. However, even though the priority of our clinical partners and collaborating clinical centres is to care for patients in their respective centres, they are making a great effort to collect the data.

Learn more about the PRIMAGE project by watching the explainer video and visit the website: