POLICY-RELATED UPDATES: European Parliament supports childhood cancer policies and funding


The European People’s Party (EPP) called for a substantial increase in funding (“multiplied tenfold by 2024”)   

The European People’s Party (EPP) – the biggest group in the European Parliament, launched its ambitious Paper on Cancer on 25 April 2018, calling for a substantial increase in funding and an enabling policy environment.

The paper put specific emphasis on childhood cancers: “The new EU framework programme for research should include a mission: “No child should die from cancer in twenty years’ time”.

Therefore, the research budget for this purpose (cancer and children) should be multiplied tenfold by 2024.”

In addition, MEPs called for a better EU pharmaceutical policy framework and support to international collaborative research on childhood cancer. Among the MEPs who officially launched the paper at the European Parliament are some of SIOPE’s long-term supporters: Françoise Grossetête MEP (France) and Alojz Peterle MEP (Slovenia).  MEPs Peter Liese (Germany) and Manfred Weber (Germany) also voiced their strong support to childhood cancer. EPP Position Paper “EU can help to heal cancer”: http://www.eppgroup.eu/document/123075