PARTNER Project Meeting: 30th April 2021


The ExPeRT – Very Rare Tumours in children: New final PARTNER recommendations organised by Dr Daniel Orbach WP6 Leader for the Institute Curie (Paris, France) was held on 30 April within the 2nd SIOP Europe Annual Meeting.

During this European consensus meeting, VRT standard of care were discussed including PARTNER’s recommendations, involving representatives and stakeholders institutions during the last six months.

Participants were engaged in interactive discussions about their activities and priorities. The meeting was attended by over 150 participants from 16 institutions.

Moreover, during the last six months, the consortium worked on the construction and definition of the PARTNER Registry thanks to the support of all project partners and the software house DataRiver Srl.

PARTNER is now going through its final 6 months and is planning to finalise its activities with a Grand Final Event on December 2021 in Padua, Italy. During the summer, our friends will be able to experience the PARTNER Registry.

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