Pamela Kearns’s op-ed article in The Parliament Magazine


Pam Kearns (SIOP Europe President) calls on returning and candidate MEPs to pledge their support to paediatric oncology and haematology and sign the SIOP Europe and CCI Europe Manifesto. SIOP Europe’s International Childhood Cancer Awareness Day event in the European Parliament was hosted and attended by such committed MEP advocates as Elena Gentile, Alojz Peterle and Lieve Wierinck. As President of the European Society for Paediatric Oncology (SIOP Europe) – representing Europe’s paediatric oncology and haematology community – Pam Kearns urges policymakers to place childhood cancer high up on the political agenda ahead of the upcoming European Parliament elections in May. Working together, collaboration and partnership are crucial in the fight against childhood cancer.  It is by working together and through committed alliances with all stakeholders including policymakers, patient/parent/survivor groups and industry that we have made progress in paediatric oncology over the past 20 years. Pam stated that "We recognise that our Manifesto is ambitious, but we believe it should be possible to cure more youngsters and to cure them better while working on delivering zero deaths and zero late effects." Read the op-ed article in The Parliament Magazine. Endorse the Manifesto here.