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Beating Childhood Cancer: from Aspiration to Reality?

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About the Mission

The EU Framework Programme for Research and Innovation is a primary funding instrument for European collaborative research. The 9th Framework Programme for 2021 to 2027: Horizon Europe is currently being defined. It will include a set of Research ‘Missions’, or areas of focused support to actions in high-need areas, including health. The concept of an EU Research Mission places importance on citizen engagement in defining priority needs and expectations.

An overarching ‘Cancer Mission Area’ has already been defined under the health pillar, with the goal stating: “By 2030, more than 3 million lives saved, living longer and better”.

There is a strong rationale for a specific paediatric cancer focus in the EU Cancer Mission Area of Horizon Europe to foster meaningful progress in line with the magnitude of challenges facing the sector (LINK to Lancet article here).


Online Poll on Cancer Mission Area

The European Commission opened an Online Poll to receive citizen and stakeholder ‘Proposals’ on what the Mission should focus on.

  • Access the Online Poll: LINK
  • Register to vote, endorse and post: LINK
  • Process: Everyone can post up to 5 Proposals + vote for up to 5 Proposals made by others
  • Deadline to vote: Monday September 14 2020

The childhood cancer community has posted 5 Proposals on unmet paediatric oncology research and innovation needs where the Cancer Mission could make a transformational change.


  • If you want to support paediatric cancers: visit the website and support and endorse on posts of relevance to childhood cancer by clicking ‘Support’ and ‘Endorse’ buttons.


The ones made by SIOP Europe and CCI-Europe are linked directly underneath.


Overarching Messages by Childhood Cancer Community:

  1. Childhood Cancers: Rare, life-threatening, long-term impact disease (click link to support and endorse the proposal)

Paediatric cancers are the leading cause of children’s mortality by disease in Europe and contribute to long-term complications in survivors. The EU cancer mission is ideally positioned to spur cross-border research to advance more and better cures.

  1. Childhood Cancers: Prevention (click link to support and endorse the proposal)

Little is understood on cancer causes in young patients. We ask for financed research programmes with multidisciplinary teams working on the root causes of paediatric cancer, where big data and AI could find new prevention avenues.

  1. Childhood Cancers: Innovation (click link to support and endorse the proposal)

Some paediatric cancers have dismal survival rates, while 2/3 of surviving patients suffer from long-term side effects. We ask for the creation and financing of a research-prone environment for better treatments for young patients with cancer.

  1. Childhood Cancers: Multi-Purpose Cross-Border Database (click link to support and endorse the proposal)

Only a cross-border database, with critical mass of patients’ data will enable the use of AI and discoveries through innovative research projects. They are needed to understand paediatric cancers and facilitate innovation & long-term follow up care.

  1. Childhood Cancers: Patient Voice (click link to support and endorse the proposal)

Due to the distinct specificities of paediatric cancers, the patient community   in this disease area should be meaningfully involved in all aspects of relevant research projects.


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