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SIOP Europe Education Update

After successful completion of the first Module of the SIOPE Course (live), participants asked us to organise a virtual interim meeting to bridge the long gap until the second Module. The interim meeting will take place at the end of November. In case you missed it, recordings of the first Module is available here.

Building upon the two successful virtual courses that were held in 2022 (recordings available here and here), the SIOP Europe Educational Committee plans two new courses for 2023, one on AYA in collaboration with the SIOP AYA Committee and one on Statistics in collaboration with i-BFM and CCRI. Stay tuned for details in the coming months.

We have several exciting educational webinars going on:

  • ESO e-Learning with thrilling upcoming topics: Rare subtypes of non-Hodgkin's and Hodgkin's lymphoma (13 October), Transfusion medicine in paediatric oncology (20 October), Palliative medicine in paediatric oncology (3 November). The full list of sessions and recordings are available here: 
  • Young SIOPE and ERN PaedCan Interactive Webinar Series on Most Challenging cases in Paediatric Oncology will continue in 2023 with 7 new cases. If you’re interested in submitting a case, please email the title and a brief summary to by 31 October. Upcoming webinars and recordings are available here:
  • ESCP Webinars, in which we explain the new European clinical recommendations for best practice for each childhood cancer. Webinars and recordings are here:
  • CEDAR Webinars, as part of the Childhood Cancer Early Diagnosis and Appropriate Referral Project organised monthly by SIOP and IPA. Full session list here: 

Together with ACCELERATE and other project partners, SIOP Europe is pleased to participate in ALADDIN, a new educational program on strategic and regulatory science in paediatric oncology drug development to foster expertise and strengthen true multi-stakeholder collaboration. For more information and to get involved in upcoming educational activities, visit

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