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Project name: Towards a UNIque approach for artificial intelligence data-driven solutions to fight Childhood CAncer FOR Europe
Project acronym: UNICA4EU

The UNICA4EU project had its official kick-off meeting on 1 July 2022, where all the consortium, 15 different key stakeholders participated. During the Kick-off meeting the Lead beneficiaries shared their ideas and thoughts on the implementation phase of the project and a discussion took place. The idea of the UNICA4EU project itself, is to bring together in a unified and collaborative consortium the key players that can make possible the wide dissemination of the guidelines, use case scenarios, data sources and other outcomes relative to AI applied to childhood cancer.

The Vision

UNICA4EU's vision is to pave the foundation of the ecosystem that will facilitate the upscaling and wide-scale application of Artificial Intelligence to Paediatric Cancer in the next ten years, positioning Europe as the worldwide benchmark in the field.

Helping children with cancer through AI

AI techniques and procedures can become a game-changer for cancer in the years to come and could drastically unlock the potential to reduce childhood cancer's impact in Europe.

Role of SIOPE

The European Society For Paediatric Oncologysiope (SIOPE) will be the Coordination Organisation of the project and also the Lead Beneficiary of WP1 - Management and Coordination. This is a key role for the organisation, as SIOPE will be responsible for the coordination and the management of the consortium and will  ensure a successful administrative and general management of the project. SIOPE will also participate under the WP2, WP3 and WP4.

More information about UNICA4EU project can be found at the Project’s website: