News from the SIOP Europe Imaging Working Group


Since its launch in Autumn 2022, the Steering committee of the SIOP Europe Imaging Working Group is now meeting online monthly to discuss several topics related to the primary aim of the working group: a general improvement of diagnostic imaging and image-guided therapies in children with cancer, both in daily patient care as well as in clinical trials and other research, and including introduction of new innovative imaging techniques and quality control issues relevant to the imaging community.

This year’s primary focus of the Steering committee is the development and funding of a centralized digital imaging repository within the SIOP Europe framework for all children with cancer participating in European clinical trials, allowing for easily accessible storage of imaging for clinical as well as imaging research. Furthermore, intensification of the collaboration of the SIOP Europe Imaging Working Group with the Taskforce Oncology of the ESPR and Pediatric Committee of the EANM is further explored.

Please join us at the upcoming SIOP Europe Annual Meeting in Valencia during the open session on Wednesday May 10, 10.30-12.00 to learn more about the Imaging Working Group. The session will focus on the challenges and opportunities of imaging research in pediatric oncology, including image-guided interventions and therapies.

Last but not least, we are looking for enthusiastic and committed colleagues across Europe (radiologists, nuclear medicine physicians, medical physicists and other imaging-related health professionals) involved in diagnostic imaging, and image-guided interventions and therapies in children with cancer to join the Imaging Working Group!

Detailed information and the application form can be found here.