News from QUARTET


Five QUARTET-affiliated trials are currently recruiting patients and participating in the site approval and individual case review procedures: FaR-RMS (EpSSG), HRMB (SIOP Europe Brain Tumour Group), LINES (SIOPEN), HR-NBL2 (SIOPEN), and VERITAS (SIOPEN). The first case review on QUARTET for ATRT01 is expected in the coming months, in the meantime open countries should continue to use their national programs or contact us for advice. To find out more about the case reviews and institutions participating in QUARTET-affiliated trials since the project launch in 2016 see our latest publication in Radiotherapy & Oncology (open access). This work will be presented at ESTRO 2023 and the SIOP Europe Congress 2023 in May – we hope to see you there!

Earlier this year, Andrada Turcas and Sarah Kelly completed their research fellowships. Andrada will continue to collaborate with QUARTET while working as a radiation oncologist in Romania – we wish her the best of luck and thank her for her hard work and dedication. Sarah is staying at the EORTC as the radiotherapy quality assurance manager for paediatric oncology and will continue to support SIOP Europe as the QUARTET scientific development lead, ensuring that QUARTET can continue to grow and improve the standardisation of radiotherapy for young people. We interviewed several excellent fellowship candidates in March and look forward to welcoming a new member to the team later this year.

Please come and join us during the QUARTET Project session on Tuesday 9th May at the SIOP Europe congress 2023 where we will be discussing QUARTET’s progress in delivering an international, centralised radiotherapy quality assurance platform for clinical trials treating children and adolescents with cancer.

As always, further information can be found on the QUARTET website which now has an added resource where you can find all research outputs such as abstracts and the recently published activity report and the results of a survey regarding radiotherapy provision for children and adolescents in Romania.