News from ERN PaedCan



The ERN PaedCan is in its sixth year and we, at SIOP Europe, are proud to work alongside this great community of health professionals across Europe and contribute to the project’s vision of a more supportive environment for children with cancer with special needs by integrating pre-existing networks and knowledge across borders.

In the last five years, the ERN PaedCan has organised and funded educational activities to keep building excellence of oncology professionals such as the Twinning and Fellowship Programmes, as well as the ERN PaedCan and Young SIOPE Interactive Webinar Series, just to name a few.

Some of the most important achievements of the project are the implementation of the Tumour Board network for online consultations as well as the development of the European Standard Clinical Practice (ESCP) Guidelines. Today there are over 20 guidelines available for ERN PaedCan and SIOPE members.

We look forward to another successful year ahead, as we keep building on a strong legacy of collaboration.

In the pipeline:

  • A face-to-face ERN PaedCan General Assembly on 29-30 June 203 in Belgium
  • Implementation of the European Standard Clinical Practice (ESCP) Guidelines in close collaboration with CCI-Europe
  • Young SIOPE Interactive Webinars – check the events’ calendar here.


Stay tuned for more updates!