News from ENTYAC


ENTYAC aims to be the place where pan-European collaborative projects in TYA with cancer take place and we relaunched in 2019.

We bring together 5 pan-European professional societies in our collaboration, with 39 AYA-dedicated charities and NGOs in 14 EU nations to join our partners Go-AJA, TYAC/CCLG, Youth Cancer Europe and CCI-E.

We have been delivering new research projects together:

  • Strong – AYA: Led by Professor Van der Graaf from Amsterdam. This is defining the absolute core of mission-critical outcomes that must be measured in all AYA cancer research. They will be consulting with you soon.
  • As part of WP1, interviews will be conducted with health professionals who provide care for AYAs with cancer, such as physicians, nurses, psychologists, social workers, and psychologists among others. If you would like to participate, please contact Nicole Collaço.
  • Joint Action on Network of Expertise (‘JANE’) for TYA: Led by Anna-Lisa Trama Milano. This aims to lay out the desired structure for our future formal European AYA cancer professional society.
  • YCE/CCI CAYAS – led by Youth Cancer Europe and Cancer in Childhood International: and This aims to be arranging quality visits by cancer survivors to cancer treatment locations.
  • We are providing HCP educational content this year to support meetings, such as a SIOP Europe AYA online course for trainees in September 2023 and content for ESMO 2023. 
  • ENTYAC will be sharing the draft strategy for consultation shortly which will then be discussed and finalised at the annual business meeting in Essen (and online) in September 2023.


Other initiatives of interest:

A team of researchers at UCL and the University of Toronto are developing resources to help support young adults who have had cancer and experienced changes to their body image.  If you are interested, please click here.


If you would like to find out more, contact