International TYA Leaders Summit Meeting


ENCCA high definition6 July 2014, London, UK

ENCCA WP 17 "Creating a European network for teenagers and young adults with cancer (ENTYAC) is organising an international leaders' summit meeting next year, aiming to develop a skills and competency framework for professionals who treat teenagers and young adults (TYA) with cancer from a medical and nursing perspective.

When & where: Sunday July 6th, 2014, from 16-00 until 20-00, Melia Whitehouse Hotel, Central London, UK (the date has been set because on the Monday and Tuesday the Teenage Cancer Trust International Conference is being held and some delegates may wish to also attend this conference).


  1. To discuss, share and agree a list of nursing and medical skills, competencies & curricula content that should be in place for professionals managing TYA with cancer.
  2. To develop and share ideas to enable us to deliver training and education about these aspects of specialist professional TYA cancer care
  3. To develop a shared mechanism to accredit professionals in training who gain these skills, over the years ahead across Europe and more widely

Background: TYA are cared for in multi-professional teams; in more and more cancer centres, adult-trained and paediatric-trained physicians work together, alongside paediatric and adult-trained nurses, to treat and care for this patient group. There are specific professional skills proposed in the clinical literature for those working with TYA (seeGibson et al). There are also curricula for medical training about TYA cancer from adult and paediatric perspectives which can accredit the training of adult oncologists (see ESMO curriculum) and paediatric oncologists and haematologists (see Syllabus for Paediatric Haemato-Oncology Training) respectively. There is also an on-going process in specialist TYA cancer nursing to develop a closely related set of skills and competencies. However at present we are only beginning to share our objectives and collaborate on training and accreditation of those with these professional skills.

Participants: Medical representatives and leading nurses from the adult, children or TYA-specific cancer care groups with leadership roles in regional, national or more widely in medical training curricula to attend. Psychologists and social workers can join as observers.

Funding: Organisers can support travel for up to 12 people, on a first-come first-served basis. A networking dinner is foreseen, but accommodation unfortunately cannot be covered.

Contact: If you would like to attend, please contact Dr. Dan Stark (