Improving Cooperation for New Drug Development: The Paediatric Platform


banner final final  CDDF-SIOPE-ENCCA-ITCC 4th Paediatric Oncology Conference

‘Accelerating the Development of New Oncology Drugs for Children and Adolescents’

20-21 January 2016, Brussels, Belgium

In partnership withCDDF (Cancer Drug Development Forum, formerly known as BDA), ENCCA and ITCC, SIOPE is co-organising the 2016 edition of the high-level Paediatric Oncology Conference ‘Accelerating the Development of New Oncology Drugs for Children and Adolescents’. This is the fourth meeting of an ongoing series of biennial conferences aiming at promoting progress in the field of paediatric oncology drug development through input from all concerned stakeholders: regulatory bodies, academia, the pharmaceutical industry, parents and policymakers.

The CDDF Paediatric Platform was created after the 2013 conference to intensify cooperation between all stakeholders and to make proposals that will address identified bottlenecks. Four working groups have been set up, and this Platform allows discussion among all stakeholders (academia, parents and survivors, industry and regulators, as well as policymakers and charities) with a set work program translating into concrete actions. Currently well-structured, this platform regularly meets to propose solutions to improve the implementation of the currentEU Paediatric Regulation in view of its possible revision (see article on the European Journal of Cancer).

The main goals of the 2016 conference will be to share progresses, discuss proposals made by the working groups, and it will  focus on:

  • New strategies for improved development of oncology drugs for children and adolescents:
    • Mechanism of action based development strategy
    • Compound prioritization
    • Changes needed in the paediatric medicine regulation
  • New incentives for specific paediatric drug development and drug repositioning.
  • Implementation of long-term follow up measures of children and adolescents receiving new anticancer drugs.
    • Recent successes in new drug development will be shared.
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