Experts urge to remove care inequalities for adolescents and young adults (AYA) with cancer


A position paper (released on 8 April) by the AYA Working Group of ESMO and SIOPE defines a common vision for improving outcomes for AYAs with cancer in Europe.

The recommendations include cooperation between a diverse range of specialists involved in AYA care, development of services tailored to the needs of AYAs with cancer, and specific measures to get more patients in this age group into clinical trials.

The ESMO/SIOPE expert position paper raises awareness of need for age-appropriate specialist services to improve cancer outcomes. The findings state that unique tumour epidemiology, scarce awareness, difficult access to dedicated care and clinical trials, complex psychosocial aspects can impact negatively on disease outcome.

ESMO and SIOPE are committed to improving education and care of people with cancer and established the joint Cancer in AYA Working Group in 2015. The goal of the Working Group is to increase awareness among adult and paediatric haemato-oncology communities, enhance knowledge on specific issues in AYA, and ultimately, to improve the care of AYA with cancer across Europe.

Read the ESMO/SIOPE press release here.